Zoning Ordinances Can Restrict The Construction Of Self-Storage Facility

After fervent pleas from two self-storage companies, the Vernon Township Zoning Hearing Board has denied an appeal to permit the construction of a new storage facility. The board voted unanimously but according to board member Robert Franklin, it was made reluctantly.

Wayne Karastury is the owner of the property in question at 13211 Conneaut Lake Road. He requested a variance from the board since the property is located at Conneaut Corridor Zone and self-storage facilities are not listed among the permitted uses for the Corridor Zone and neither is it included in conditional uses.

According to Ashley Porter, president of Porter Consulting Engineers, the lot was not suitable for other potential uses and the requested variance only applies to the use of land and not on zoning requirements. The construction of a self-storage facility in the area has the support of the owners of neighboring properties. The property in question also lacks a public sewer which limits the potential of the land to be used for other purposes. As described by Karastury, the property is an open field that contains a bunch of weeds.

Jennifer Bryer is co-owner of AmeriStorage Self Storage in Vernon Township and Woodcock Township. While she is opposed to a self-storage facility in the location, she is not against competition in the regional self-storage market. She is also against an investor entering the market on a different playing field.

Bryer further stated that AmeriStorage recently sold land in the same location and configuration as Karastury’s property because zoning ordinance does not allow building a self-storage facility in the area. AmeriStorage bought land in a location where zoning ordinance allows them to build a facility. The board understands the views of Bryer and Bill Kingzett of Meadville Self Storage but Karastury was given 30 days to file an appeal if he desires to do so.

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