Zirconia As The Best Option For Indirect Restoration

One of the most common questions asked by people is what is a dental crown and is it the best treatment when the tooth is chipped or broken. Dentists advertise their dental crowns as the best in the market and can be used anywhere in the mouth. There are numerous crowns available today from the traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal to Class 5 tetragonal zirconia.

Based on estimates, at least 90% of indirect restorations in the United States are single crowns. Most of the single crowns are customized for the posterior teeth. Because of its phenomenal success in the field of restoration dentistry, the original formulation of zirconia 3Y or Class 5 has become the most used material for posterior crowns.

It has become pretty obvious that zirconia restorations are dominating indirect restoration use. While there is no reason for zirconia to be replaced as the best option for indirect restoration, companies that are producing zirconia for dental purposes continue to make different formulations of zirconia with improved esthetic values but with the desirable physical qualities of the original 3Y zirconia.

At present, many brands are undertaking various researches but sometimes the crowns look good in the science laboratory but fail to do their required job in the mouth. Different modifications are being introduced to the market but with minimal research to ensure their success.

Some cosmetic dental laboratories are staining 3Y zirconia during the pre-sintered state. Afterwards, they fire the restorations to produce the aesthetic beauty of the restoration. However, the downside to this process is the higher lab fees compared to mono-color superficially stained zirconia crowns.

Currently under investigation is Class 4 zirconia containing cubic or the modifications to zirconia 3Y that is combined with 4Y or higher. The material looks promising for dental crowns. However, do not move fast to materials that have not been proven successful.

If you are still confused on what is a dental crown and how it can restore your damaged tooth, visit your dentist for further information. Dental crowns are the best long term treatment that will ensure patient satisfaction because of their durability and high success rates. Dental crown can protect a tooth that has worn away from being damaged further.