Windsor Mom Infuriated After Daughter Gets Head Lice Six Times

A Windsor mom is infuriated after her daughter got lice six times within a couple of months.

Daughter’s concerning situation

Following a number of attempts to remove the pests, Crystal Sauve holds the school board liable for not exerting efforts to keep her daughter from lice, and she is not the only parent that is expressing concern.

Colby Sauve, who is 5 years old, is a senior kindergarten pupil at the William G. Davis School.

Her mother says that when she is at home, she is lice free. However, when she returns to school, the pests come back. And this has resulted to some serious concerns for the little girl.

The serious concerns affecting Colby

Today, instead of Colby Suave being at school, she has been removed from the class since she has head lice. The cases regarding head lice are usually common to young children. However, Colby has been affected by the pests for the 6th time in just a span of two months.

Crystal Suave expresses that it has been stressful especially when her daughter wakes up having night terrors since she is afraid to go back to school and to get the pests again.

And this is due to the treatments getting repeated where it is already getting painful, up to the point where her daughter’s scalp already starts to bleed. Crystal Suave says that it breaks her heart so see her daughter afraid to go back to school. She adds that Colby should be looking forward to learn at school.

A problem at the school

After attempting multiple ways on how to get rid of lice, Crystal claims that the pests aren’t from her home but from the school. She already told the school about her concerns. The school told her that maybe she hasn’t been removing it and blames her.

However, it seems that Sauve is not alone. Karla Rupert says that her children are also battling with the pests.

CTV News spoke with the school’s board officials. They say that they take these concerns very seriously, but also says that head lice are common for elementary students.