Why You Should Visit Luang Prabang In Laos

If you are planning to visit Asia, don’t forget to include Luang Prabang in your list. It is an ancient town located in the northern part of Laos. The town can be described as quite despite the surge of tourist and it only has a population of about 5,000. It may resemble a regular hometown but the Asian charm it exudes makes it distinct.

Tourists and backpackers from all over the globe are booking the city center hotel in Luang Prabang because of the desire to experience the town. Every morning, the place is bustling with activities and at night, there are night markets to be enjoyed located in Sisavangvong Road. For those who are looking for beautiful landscapes, the view at the Mekong River is worth checking out.

Many establishments in the town are currently being improved including the airport and guesthouses because of the rise in tourism in the area. It was 1995 when the town received a status as a UNESCo Heritage and they are taking measures in order to maintain the title.

Compared to other spots in Laos, the prices in LuangPrabang is the most expensive but still a bargain. For tourists staying at city center hotel in LuangPrabang, keep in mind that majority of the establishments are closing early unlike in other countries where there is an active night life. As 10 PM strikes, most of the shops are already closed and they will be opened again at 5 AM which is quite an early start.

For tourists, do not forget to visit the night markets of LuangPrabang. They have huge space and you will be able to find anything from food and decors to clothing. The Sisavangvong road, which is almost 1 kilometer, is transformed into a night market beginning at 6 in the evening. Tourists can shop and eat for very cheap prices.

While you might be tempted to stay at your room in the city center hotel in LuangPrabang, visit Kuang Si waterfalls, the temples ( Luang Prang has 33) and food stalls. The top three temples in the areare Wat Wisunarat, Wat Xieng and Wat Long Khuan.