What You Should Know About Hire Marquee In Sydney

If you’re planning for an outdoor event, then you need to hire marquee in Sydney for this special need. Marquees are special types of tents which you can hire for various occasions. Marquees are now in fashion and many have opted to celebrate their special events with them. Marquees can provide a nice look on your event, especially if it’s an outdoor arrangement.

The search for a hire marquee in Sydney can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with marquees. You will find them in various colours, designs, styles and sizes, which you’ll have a difficult time in choosing. However, there are some pieces of advice and tips to help you with the hiring process. It can simplify your task especially during the search:

  • The Kind of Marquee that You Need: If you want something modern and practical, the best choice is a framed marquee. A framed marque is supported by aluminum frames on the ceiling and don’t have poles down the centre. These are the strongest types of marquees which support the whole structure. If you live in area where rain and strong winds are possible, this marquee is best for that outdoor event.


  • Cost: Marquees may cost more than what you think, so ensure you know what you want. The price of the marquee will have to depend on the size and type. It can also depend on the décor you plan to adorn the marquee. The cost can also go high if you prefer lighting and matting inside.


  • Know the Exact Number of Guests: Hire an appropriate size of a marquee to fit in all your guests. Ensure that you have enough space to make them move in and out. You also need to provide space for the food, dancing and hosting the party. If you’re not planning to have a large party, settle for the smaller marquees to save money.


  • Consider the Location of the Marquee: If the hire marquee in Sydney is to be placed in the garden or just outside your house, you should know how it can affect your garden and daily routine. Marquee hires now use the latest techniques, so you don’t have to worry if it damages your garden and surrounding areas.