What Types Of Printed Glass Splashbacks Can You Use For Your Kitchen?

Install a new kitchen printed glass splashbacks to complete a kitchen renovation or simply to replace an existing one. Certainly, you want to choose from the various materials available. However, this can turn out difficult especially if it’s intended for the kitchen. You need to choose from a look and color you prefer, and how much it will cost?

To minimize expenses, you may prefer DIY options; however, this will require artistic skills and creativity to obtain an accurate look. There are also those printed glass splashbacks that go nice and stunning through an expert. Here is a guide to help you with your splashback materials and how much to expect for the pay.


These used to be the commonest material available for splashbacks. It comes with various materials, patterns and colors. However, it’s difficult to determine the price as they vary greatly. If you hire a tiler, they will usually charge around $400 to install the kitchen splashback in an average kitchen size.

Toughened Glass

This is a popular choice as of this moment and all for a good reason. The toughened glass is easy to clean and available in a variety of prints and colors. Toughened glass splashbacks may be preferred by many as it can withstand heat from cooktops. If broken, they can crumble into small pieces, unlike regular glass.

Mirrored Glass

This type of splashbacks are somehow a popular choice by people. They help open up a space as they bounce reflections and light surrounded in the room. Unlike a bathroom mirror, the glass is somehow tinted with bronze or silvery color, which really depends on the supplier. Just like toughened glass splashbacks, they are perfect for use behind the cooktop.

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic provides an illusion of the glass and make cost efficient option that you can install yourself. Unlike glass, they can be installed behind cooktops. For the plate, you need to have the same width as the cooktop and extend around 200 millimeters above the burners to obey Australian safety guidelines.

There are other materials you can use for your printed glass splashbacks nowadays. You can also include stone, pressed metal and stainless steel. Note that all materials used can entail a huge price for the design and installation. However, you can always cheaper substitutes if you intend to make a nice ambiance of your kitchen.