What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of Theft

Being accused of theft is shocking, when you did not commit the crime. The best thing to do when you are accused of theft is to not talk to anyone. You should not talk about the incident to anyone especially the police. If you say anything to anyone and contradict yourself later, the authorities will use that against you in the court proceedings.

The first thing to do in case of accusation of theft is to hire a criminal lawyer. You should hire an experienced and reputed criminal defense lawyer, such as Donich law. The lawyer should have experience in defending theft cases. Follow the instructions of the lawyer before taking any further action.

Collect any evidence that can prove that you did not commit the crime. For example, if you were at a restaurant at the time of theft, you can have the bill or receipt of the restaurant. If you say that you were at the office – take the time sheets and evidence from your coworkers. Or if you say you were driving, keep copies of the toll receipts. Collect the evidences and give them to your criminal defense lawyer.

In the same way, recollect your interactions with other people at the time of the alleged crime. Try to recollect the people you have met or the places you have visited. For example, if you were at a store or library or any place during the time of theft, inform your attorney about it. Your attorney can get the CCTV footage of the place to use as evidence of your alibi. In the same way, inform your attorney if you have interacted with anyone at the time of the alleged theft, your lawyer can speak to the person and bring him/her as an eyewitness to prove your innocence. However, it is important to let your criminal defense lawyer take care of the proceedings, let your lawyer do all the talking on your behalf.

The penalties for theft depends on the amount or value of the stolen property. Moreover, there is also possibility of imprisonment. It is advisable to hire the services of a reputed criminal defense lawyer such as Donich Law to represent you.