What To Do After Rodent Control In Sydney

Rodents and mice are not only nuisance; they can also damage your things and furniture around the house. More importantly, they can pose as health hazards to your family and your pets. This is the reason why rodent control in Sydney is very important. The moment you notice presence of rodents around the house, call professional exterminators right away to get rid of these pests. When they are done with the extermination, it is important that you employ measures to prevent rodents from penetrating your house all over again. Aside from that, there are essential things that you should do to keep your family safe after an extermination session around your house. Here are some tips:

Clean all upholstered furniture

Rodent control involves pesticide and harmful chemicals that may permeate the air and land on your upholstery. This can be harmful when inhaled by your family or pets so you may want to consider cleaning your upholstered furniture after rodent control in Sydney. Take the furniture outside of the house and clean them using steam flow. This will effectively remove chemical residue if ever there are any on your furniture.

Clean the carpets

The carpets, due to its fuzzy materials, the chemicals used during rodent control in your house could also seep through the carpets. This is the reason why you should also steam clean the carpets for your safety. Steam cleaning is an effective way to disinfect materials and can remove chemical residue in the carpets too. It would also be better if you would wash your clothes after the extermination, especially the clothes that were exposed to chemical during the extermination process.

Mop the floor

Another way to disinfect the house after a rodent control in Sydney is to mop the entire floor. This will get rid of chemical residue used during the extermination and it will also wash away the foul smell brought about by dead rodents or chemicals. You can use floor disinfectant or cleaners for the floor cleaning and pair it with a mop. Make sure to cover the entire floor.