What Makes An Excellent Bangkok Golf Course

Before you apply for a membership in a country golf club, there are some things that you need to check from a Bangkok golf course to make your golfing experience a truly enjoyable one.  Here are some of the things for you to check.


The routing is one of the most important features of a golf course. The routing refers to the direction on which the holes in the course are played. Holes are designed to be played in different directions. This way, golfers don’t easily get bored with the routes of the course. The effectiveness and design of routing depends on the ingenuity of the architect.

Course Design

One thing that makes a Bangkok golf course interesting is its course design. The holes should be placed strategically all throughout the greens in such a way that they avoid water hazards and bunkers while remaining to be challenging to golfers. Holes should be positioned in such a way that players can do excellent tee shots and perform shots that will challenge their skill levels. The more challenging the golf course is, the more players are enthused to play the sport.


An excellent golf course offers a range of holes that include long, short and straight with opportunities for the golfer to play in different directions. This will further test his golfing skills especially during championships. A good golf course should have plenty of land to play in order to provide enough room for variation. A golf course with less variation will eventually bore players.

Shot ability

Lastly, a golf course can be considered a good one if it promotes players to deliver their best shots. Even if a player is highly skilled, if the golf course is almost impossible to play at and requires the player to use almost all of his golf clubs in their bag, then you are probably looking at the wrong country golf club. An excellent Bangkok golf course is one that makes it conducive for the player to play and enjoy the sport with designs and amenities that promote the sports.