What Is Architectural Illustration

Designing different structures is a tough thing to do. It requires skills and knowledge of using different modern devices to achieve accuracy which is essential in every designed structure. A good architecture is needed in planning as well as designingand constructing different kinds of physical structures and buildings.

Today, architectural illustration is highly modernized because of the advances in technology which offer many different devices to create quality images. These images that are computer-generated with the use of three-dimensional program and other computer software for purposes of presenting an architectural structure is called “Computer Generated Renderings” or architectural illustration. The techniques of architectural renderings vary. Some methods make simple images or features with basic shadows. A modern technique uses the latest software to create accurate materials and lighting.

Architectural illustration is usually created for marketing presentation as well as design analysis. Some of the illustrations are 3D walkthrough animations, still illustrations, virtual tours, photo 3D illustrations, floor plans, real time 3D illustrations, panoramic illustrations, renovation illustrations, light and shadow study, and other illustrations. 3D illustrations are common in real estate sales and marketing.

Architectural illustrations are categorized into three subtypes: Interior illustration, exterior illustration, and aerial illustration. Interior illustration is defined as images whose viewing points are located inside the building. Exterior illustration means images whose vantage points are situated outside the building. Aerial illustration is similar to exterior illustration, but the viewing angle is situated above and outside the building.

The architecture industry today is flourishing because of the modernization and industrialization of countries. More architectural requirements are demanded because of the numerous building projects that require architectural designing. Because of the increased demand in architectural services, many companies are catching up with the latest technology in architecture. The modern devices that are used to create impressive and amazing architectural works give a great impact to the quality of the designs.

Accuracy in architectural designs is essential to ensure the safety and security of the structure being built. In terms of architectural graphics, brilliant ideas and designs can be born out of creativity and the ability to use the latest technology provided by science.