Wedding Marquee In South Taranaki Damaged By Storm

Due to a violent weather that hits South Taranaki last month, a couple who were celebrating their wedding has something to tell their grandkids someday. The bad weather was strong enough that it caused the wedding marquee of the couple to topple over and some flew off a distance.

Though the marquee may be thrown and trashed in the wind like a paper doll, it was a relief that some of the men guests who are already tipsy from the celebration were able to save the wedding dress of the bride as well as the beer before everything is brought down by the storm.

The couple, Brendon and Claire Walsh, exchanged their ‘I do’s’ during a beautiful and sunny Friday but they had an extended reception the next day. The extended reception was held the next day at their Kaponga property and it was the same night that the bad weather decided to hit.

During that time, there were around 30 people inside the marquee. According to Brendon, the storm did not hit until 10:30 in the evening. Everyone one was enjoying the party when suddenly a strong gust of wind decided to hit them in an instant.

The poles and pegs that were anchored on the ground were easily ripped out and the marquee then started to fly off the ground. There were men who tried to hold on to the pegs in order to stop the marquee from flying but they were also lifted a few meters from the ground and then thrown into the air.

After much effort, they conceded that there was nothing they can do and left the area. It was during that time that they remembered about the bridal gown being used as a display inside the marquee. One of the guests decided to ran inside the marquee and rescue the dress which is the most important thing for the couple.

There were other men who tried to grab some of the beer left before the marquee was totally damaged by the wind. They were thankful that no one was hurt during the ordeal. Couples who are deciding to wed outside should consider the weather before booking a marquee hire in Sydney.