Ways To Unclutter The Bathroom

Many people who think their bathroom is already full with clutter will resort to adding new storage such as painted onyx topped vanity units but another option is to let go of some things. You may have come across a movement that promotes minimalist design or might have read a book by KonMari regarding cleaning and decluttering but there is a more straightforward approach according to the editors of a new book called Remodelista, the Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Storage Ideal for All Over the House. Following their advice, you only need to have a trash bag in hand as you enter the bathroom with the goal of throwing away your toiletries collection which you don’t really need.

There is a part in the book that states specifically what things you should throw away and there are no explanations whatsoever or dealing with your personal feelings. Just a simple list and you can check out below and follow if you like the idea of having a cleaner looking bathroom with no drama.

The book lists the bathroom supplies you should throw right away:

  • Any makeup or toiletries that you don’t use as often as once every week should be in the trash.
  • Cosmetics and medications that are beyond their expiration dates.
  • Items that are produced for hotel use. If you use them when travelling, they should be kept inside a travel kit and not the bathroom.
  • You only need one of each item in the bathroom – brush, pair of tweezers, toothpaste, nail clipper, comb, a bottle of pain reliever and any other essentials you have. For your favorite items or brand such as shampoo and conditioner, you only need one backup in case you run out of it and it should be stored in a storage unit not inside the bathroom.
  • Perfumes you don’t use.
  • Disposable razors that are already rusty and next time it is recommended to choose the refillable type.
  • Spent goods such as nail polish, soap slivers and emery boards.

Letting go of this things will make you appreciate your painted onyx topped vanity units as it will not be crowded with unnecessary products and bathroom toiletries.