Water Supply Back To Normal In Phuket

It was two weeks ago when rain started pouring in Thailand which was greatly welcomed by the residents. A few days later, the Provincial Waterworks Authority’s Phuket branch revealed that the water pressured of the major water supply is almost back to normal pressures. These major pipes are supplying local businesses such as Novotel in Phuket Kamala and all the residents in the town.

The good news came after heavy downpours of rain which continued on for a number of days. Before the end of April, the town area welcomed a rainfall of 78.4 mm which lasted for almost three hours every occurrence. This is according to the data submitted by the Southern Meteorological Center.

Since the start of 2019, the country was almost in drought but on April 23 the heavens opened and brought 86.5 mm of rain. This was after the governor of Phuket, Phakaphong Tavipatana, mandated that local administration should make sure that all residents are provided with emergency water supply. This is despite the insistence of the governor that the island is not under drought.

Regardless of the assurance of the governor, the Army decided to deliver emergency water supplies to a number of communities since they have been complaining that they no longer have tap water source for one month.

The reservoirs of Phuket have also suffered with a record low and the water supply to the residents continue to drop just to make sure that the remaining supply will last as long as needed. Through it all, the Royal Thai Navy made sure that the residents of Wichit receive water supply. They were able to deliver around 54,000 litres of water.

The Royal Rainmakers were also put on standby to perform cloud seeding for the fourth time since the first three were considered to be unsuccessful. Thankfully, the rain came pouring down before the end of last month.

Graisorn Mahamad, the branch manager of PWA, said that the water pressure in major supply piles is almost back to its default. Residents and local businesses like Novotel in Phuket Kamala can expect water supply to be back to normal already.