Veterans Employed By Handyman Service Companies In Nashville

Many companies are Nashville is currently looking for employees that have served the military. These companies are mostly from the handyman service industry such as electrical, HVAC repair and plumbing. They have spotted the potential of veterans because of the existing talent. The industry of handyman services has been having a hard time when it comes to employment in the last several years. The main cause for this is the improvement in the job market.

Not all companies are willing to hire former service members but not the Hiller Plumbing Nashville because they have been hiring military straight from Fort Campbell left and right that they have considered is as their only source of employees.

In one instant, you will be able to witness a dozen guys who are doing their training and performing practical tasks as they gather tips upon doing the work. One of these guys is Markus Burns who is busy ensuring that his installation of the toilet is correct.

Their instructor at that day is DeWayne Wilcox. He was there to test the seal of their toilet by flushing it a couple of times. He instructed them to take their paper towel and wipe it on the edges.

It was successful because the paper towel used was not wet upon wiping.

The training is being conducted in the training facility of Hiller’s Plumbing located in Murfreesboro Road. Almost everyone who is currently enrolled is just about ready to be released by the Army. Burns can be easily identified by the tattoos on his sleeve and he shared that in the military he was busy handling rifle for the infantry. He jokingly said that he is thinking of going to college but could not envision himself as an office person.

He said that he is interested in learning the trade because of the high demand as of the moment. While many have received their diploma after a four-year course, not many are adept with the plumbing trade anymore.

They are currently looking for more plumbers to train because the data from the national statistics revealed that there will be a higher demand as the older plumbers starts to enter retirement. When it comes to plumbers, Bristol has a lot of companies right now serving the locals.