Vespa Is Celebrating Its 7th Decade In The Industry

Last year marked the 70th years of Vespa in the history and it was able to sell over 18 million units all over the world. People from all over the world and with different cultures are united because of the love for scooters. Vespa was founded in Genoa back in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio who is only 20 years old at that time. Piaggio’s company used to manufacture only fittings for luxury ships until it endeavored in producing bodies for trams and special trucks, luxury coaches and their engines, good vans as well as rail carriages.

After the World War I, it took on another venture which is to produce seaplanes and airplanes. He brought other plants in Pisa and Pontedera but it all became a target for the military during the World War II and were eventually damaged beyond repair.

It was on April 23, 1946 when Vespa filed its first patent at Central Patents Office. It was after this that Enrico Piaggio launched a production factory that created 2,000 units of scooters with 98 cc capacity. After that, 150 various models were further launched. These models are the basis of what is now the most popular scooter in the world. It was in 1996 when Vespa ET4 was introduced and the original model has been modified 20,000 times while the parts were replaced more than 1,500 instances.

One of the most recent of all the Vespa models are Vespa LX 3V and Vespa S 3V and these were launched in 2012 featurning its new engine. This version is considered on the cutting edge because of its performance and the low fuel consumption as well as emissions. It can achieve a mileage of 55km/l and the Co2 emissions have been reduced by 30 per cent.

The latest Vespa released in 2016 is called the Vespa GTS and it features the most advanced technology with regards to riding support system. It has an ABS braking system in two channels and an ASR traction control. As of today, Vespa still produces the best scooters in the world including the Vespa PX for sale in various countries.