US Cities Switching To LED Lighting

The world is now embracing LED lighting, from aluminum LED strip profiles to LED bulbs, in both homes and corporate buildings, with governments now following the trend. In the US, major metropolitan cities and capitals are now working on switching out their public lighting to LED lights, with Lincoln, Nebraska being the latest city to follow. However, some cities are still mulling it over, like Fresno, California.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, the local government has already started work on switching out current streetlights with LED lighting. Reportedly, 4 thousand lights have been switched out, with the aim of the city’s government to complete the process by 2019, which amounts to about 31,000 lights.

The Aid to the Mayor of Lincoln, Jon Carlson, a member of Lincoln’s LED lighting team, says that the switch over to LED lighting was decided up back in 2016. Now that the data has shown how much can be saved by switching over to LED lights, the question being asked of the city council is that why they haven’t made the change yet. Carlson sums up the benefits, saying that they provide better lighting, energy efficiency, safety and environment friendliness.

The Lincoln City Council has decided to make the change, partnering with Schneider Electric to replace the remaining 27,000 street lights throughout the city. The project has stated that they can make alterations to the plans, but the budget does restrict them a bit.

Speaking of budgets,aluminum LED strip profiles and LED lighting, the city of Fresno, California is also looking to make the switch to LED lighting, with a proposal regarding plans for such an effort having been submitted to the city’s leaders on the 21st of June, which was turned down.

Scott Mozier, Fresno Director of Public Works, says that he understands, as the project would cost an estimated $10 million, so it makes sense for the council to reject the proposal in order to get more time for deliberation. In order to help with moving the project forward, PG&E is offering 0% financing pay with a 6 year return on the investment. According to Mozier, this would lead to keeping the electric bill the same, allowing for the savings to be used for the capital investment.

City officials say that Fresno is one of the last cities not to switch to LED lighting, with many expecting this to change with council approval during the next council meeting.