Unique Art And 3D Special Effects Through Facebook Messenger

Every day, millions of people all over the world send more than 2.5 billion messages with emojis, photos, videos and stickers through Facebook Messenger. Today, conversations on Messenger will be better than ever with the launching of a brand new, faster and easier to use camera that includes unique and 3D special effects.

Stad Chudnovsky, the Head of Product for Messenger explained the new capabilities and features that people can expect from Messenger to a group of reporters at Facebook’s Los Angeles office. According to Chudnovsky, the way people are messaging has become very visual that is why Messenger has created a faster, simpler and more fun way of sending photographs and videos.

Previously, Messenger was used like an email wherein a user will send a message to a friend and the friend will reply after a while. Exchanging messages used to be slow but new trends are emerging. Today, people are communicating through the use of art like emojis and stickers aside from the written word. Facebook is paying attention to people so that it is creating ways to facilitate feelings. It is a fact that the more popular emojis are about love.

Since cameras are now essentially replacing the keyboard and the Messenger app is growing in popularity, Facebook has worked with artists and influencers all over the world so that they can add their own touch to the customization tools that are presently being used by Messenger. In the coming days, a new and more improved Messenger camera will be launched for global users.

Users will now have the capability to enhance drawings, text and new art with innovative technology that will add an artistic filter to a full-screen photograph to transform it into a personalized work of art. Art and camera will be merged together so that users of Messenger can express themselves better.

Aside from sending favorite photographs through Messenger, users also have the option to convert them into Canvas Prints for wall décor. You only need to upload the photograph, choose a size and talented designers will ensure that the image will look great on canvas.