UAE Students Setting A New Tourism Goal For Chiang Mai

A new tourism path is being set by eight students from AUE. The eight are a combination of university and post-graduate students from Dubai as well as Sharjah. They visited Chiang Mai this May and stayed in the city between the 7th and 13th of the month. After which, they prepared a presentation that highlighted the marketing plans they have for the northern province of Thailand. The tourism measures are expected to impact businesses including Chiang Mai private resort and top attractions in the city.

According to the students, they are pushing for additional adventure tourism such as giving more focus on the natural environment of the province. They are also hoping to see more of the culture and heritage of the city through the local experiences. The students are from a number of universities in UAE including Dubai Women’s College, University of Sharjah, University of Dubai and Skyline University College.

According to PichayaSaisaengchan, the director of Tourism Authority of Thailand-Dubai and Middle East, the eight students are treated as a focus group that is giving the tourism department a new take ad perspective especially to see it from the point of view of travellers coming from UAE and its surrounding region.

They were scholars of this year’s Thailand Academy that were given the chance to visit Chiang Mai as well as Bangkok which is the capital city. Thailand Academy was established by the Royal Thai Consulate General based in Dubai.  It started a few years ago and its main goal is to improve the cultural diplomacy between Thailand and the younger generation in UAE.

Saisaengchang said that the students’ presentations were an eye opener for them to get a glimpse of how Arabs view the country since they are not known to be great shoppers therefore the lure of Bangkok is not the most effective for them instead they are able to see the other side of Thailand.

In 2017, 616,000 foreign travellers coming from Pan-Arab region were welcomed in Thailand. They stayed in accommodations such as Chiang Mai private resort and were able to experience local activities. Of the 616,000, 130,000 tourists came from UAE and Iran.