Tyres With Low Pressure Poses Risk To Drivers

According to a new research conducted by the AA Tyres, it is estimated that one in every four drivers are posing a danger risk not only themselves but to fellow drivers and pedestrian by using their cars despite underinflated tyres.

The same study also estimated that around 8.1 million of drivers in the United Kingdom are not able to check the state of their tyre pressures for the previous two months. It means that a huge proportion of drivers are using cars that are not ideal to be driven or could affect the usage of fuel.

Out of the same group, seven per cent or more than two million drivers are not able to perform assessment on their tyre pressures. This is for the last six months or ever since they bought their vehicle. This practice could not only pose a danger to the drivers but to the road users as well.

A poll was conducted by the AA-Populus and was able to gather 20,033 AA members. They were asked about the last time they have inspected any part of the vehicle they are using on a daily basis. The result revealed the highest percentage goes to drivers who are inspecting the level of their screenwash which is 56 per cent. Those who check their windscreen are 50 per cent, the status of the bodywork 47 per cent, and lights are 43 per cent. Those who are checking their tyres, on the other hand, have 40 per cent inspecting the pressures while 36 per cent are checking the tread. This inspection is done in the last two weeks.

The survey revealed that majority of those who are not checking their tyre pressures are women from London while 35 per cent have not been able to make an assessment for the past two months.

It is important that tyres in God Coast should be inspected regularly to make sure these are not low in pressure and it has not been damaged to determine when replacement is necessary.