Two Popular Types Of Green Boilers

Sustainable living is the mantra of the present. Homeowners are looking for options to make their homes sustainable and eco-friendly. Heating is one of the biggest users of energy and switching to green boilers is an effective step to transition to energy efficient heating system.

Green boilers help homeowners to reduce their carbon emissions and also their energy bills. There are many different types of green boilers and choosing the right one that suits your home’s energy requirements is important. This informative post will help you know about some popular types of green boilers.

Two popular types of green boilers that help to reduce energy consumption and have positive impact on the environment are Biomass boilers and condensing boilers.

Biomass boilers

Modern biomass boilers use wood pellets, logs, and food, animal and industrial waste to generate heat. The wood burning stoves convert biomass into usable heat. The biomass stove has an attached boiler to heat water and the heat generated in the process is used to heat the radiators of the heating system. Though burning of biomass releases carbon dioxide, these systems are considered as carbon neutral because the carbon dioxide emitted during the burning equals the amount that the plants have absorbed while they were alive. However, installing a biomass boiler and storing the biomass fuel requires a lot of space, which is not available in smaller city homes. Another problem with Biomass boilers is that they require regular cleaning and maintenance to function efficiently.

Condensing boilers

The condensing boilers use oil or gas as fuel. These boilers reuse the heat generated by burning the fuel to heat the water entering the system. This process makes them energy efficient and eco-friendly. Condensing boilers use less fuel when compared to the traditional gas boilers and help to reduce your energy bills. These boilers are available in different sizes and do not require large installation space like the Biomass boilers.

There are many other green boilers such as infrared boiler, solar powered boilers, electric pumps etc. Homeowners have to choose a boiler that suits their energy requirements and get it installed by reputed boiler installation and repair companies with a Green Deal approval. You can read informative post by reputed boiler Installation Company to get an idea about other kinds of green boilers.