Two Nights Holiday In New York Equals 20 Nights In Bangkok

Based on new report that was published by TripAdvisor, the average budget of travellers who are looking to stay in New York for two nights can actually get a better deal by staying in Bangkok for 20 nights instead.

In a recent move made by TripAdvisor, they have publicly launched their TripMaximiser Report which aims to aid travellers in choosing the dream vacation that will best fit their preference as well as their budget.

In an outline provided by the TripMaximiser Report, one will be able to see the number of nights that will fit the budget of two people residing in India. The report included only 10 of the most popular destination for Indian tourists in the spring season which is from March 1 until May 31 of 2017. The report indicated that they have considered an average budget of 75,000 rupees for Indian travellers which include the flights and accommodation.

According to the Country Manager of TripAdvisor based in India, Nikhil Ganju, TripAdvisor is sympathizing with the travel habits of the travellers from India and their concern towards the price when travelling. The report aims to let them know more about affordable travels and make an informed decision after. The TripAdvisor Report will not only indicate how many nights that a traveller can avail from different destinations using the same budget but they will also be shown recommendations on how to get their money’s worth.

Of the 10 top destinations, Indian travellers will be able to get the best out of their money by visiting places such as Langkawi, Bali and Bangkok. For only 75,000 rupees per traveller, two people will be able to enjoy either 20, 19 or 18 nights. The cost already includes plane tickets and accommodations. The same amount of money spent in a holiday in New York will only give them a chance to stay for two nights. If planning to go in Bangkok without a travel group, tourist may inquire at the Sathorn hotel in Bangkok for the most affordable deals available.