Trucking Industry Finds It Difficult To Recruit Women Drivers

One of the challenges faced by trucking companies including those that provide trucking in Cambridge is the recruitment of women drivers. Historically, women drivers make up 3% of the all truck drivers. Most recent estimates place them at about 5% to 7%. Ontario Trucking Association said the number of women drivers is not growing as fast as the industry would like.

According to Carole Dore, an instructor at Ontario Truck Driving School, one of the reasons why there are few women truck drivers is they do not believe that they can do the job. Truck driving is not a man’s world; it is a career for everyone with truck driving knowledge.

Dore is a mother of three and is working as a truck driver for the past 11 years. Most of her jobs are local like hauling freight in between cities or taking cargo to Grand Rapids, Michigan or Toledo, Ohio. Her longest trips take between 10 to 12 hours but she still has adequate time to see her children.

However, Dore is more of an exemption than a rule in truck driving. According to Doug Groulx, a truck driver from Ontario with 29 years of experience on the road, many people do not want to be a truck driver because it takes them away from the family particularly during holidays. Doug says he has to work during Canada Day if it falls on a Monday.

For Groulz, missing holidays is not a problem because he has no family but for his colleagues, they want stronger relationships with a partner. They do not want to be away from family for 5 days. Truck driving is not easy because it is a boring job and lonely at times.

However, Canada and other countries are dependent on the trucking industry because almost everything is shipped through trucks. If the industry does not solve the shortage of drivers, it will become a big problem.

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