Travelling Through 5 Continents Pulling A Rickshaw

The rickshaw was invented in Japan in the late 19th century. It became a cheap and convenient form of travel during the pre-taxi days. Yuji Suzuki pulled a rickshaw for tourists at the Asakusa District but traveling the world has always been his dream. His dream is about to come true as Suzuki and two other friends embark on a journey across the world ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The travel will span 5 continents to display the Olympic flag and at the same time make people aware of the iconic rickshaw of Japan. The world tour was a suggestion of Suzuki who had firsthand experience on the cultural differences between the Japanese and South Americans. Suzuki visited Brazil during his university days and joined some of the practices of the local soccer club. When he returned to Tokyo, he started to pull rickshaws. While it was physically difficult, he earned money for his project to travel and came to love the job.

Suzuki and his two friends Hirano and Takahashi left Osaka on board a ferry to Shanghai on November 1. Suzuki was able to raise 2 million yen ($19,400) online with his two friends providing additional support to make the dream come true. Their destination for the first year of the journey is India and Sri Lanka through Southeast Asia. The second year will be a tour of Africa and Europe and the third year, America and Australia.

Suzuki and his friends will bring a 90-kilogram rickshaw which they will use to travel through dozens of kilometers per day. One will be pulling the rickshaw, the other riding a bicycle and the third running in rotation. They plan to wear the traditional Japanese footwear “jika-tabi” which is a split-toed shoe. They hope to interact with local people they will meet during the journey.

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