Tourism Trend In Chiang Mai Changing

Tourism Authority of Thailand’s director, PakkananWinijchai, said that there have been some changes with the tourism trend in Chiang Mai as of late. The changes are mostly evident in the nationality of the travellers, their behaviour as well as the type of tourists that are coming into the province. With the rise in the number of tourists, เชียงใหม่บ้านเดี่ยว is also getting more demand as tourism results to a better economy.

Pakkanan said that the number of tourists travelling solo has continued to increase for the northern region while the number of tourists travelling in groups has decreased because of a boat accident that occurred in Phuket which resulted to the demise of 47 tourists six months ago.

Over the last few years, the ratio between the solo and group travellers have stayed at 60:40 but this recently changed to 70:30. Pakkanan further said that rising number of solo travellers are both from domestic and international tourists. These solo foreign travellers are mostly from the countries of India, Europe and Australia.

The director was appointed in the northern city just two months ago but he has noted that Europeans are taking more interests with Chiang Mai especially those who are from countries that speak German, Russian and Italian.

There are also observations that some nationalities tend to visit more frequently while others prefer to visit based on the season. For example, those who are from Israel usually visit when the rainy season starts because they love the rain as well as waterfalls considering that they came from a country where drought is a common occurrence. This trend is slowly changing as many are coming for the winter season.

In 2017, Chiang Mai recorded 10 million tourists arriving into the city. Seven million are local travellers while the remaining three million are from other countries. One million of the foreign travellers are from China but the number decreased right after the boat incident. This is now changing as Chinese investors are looking into เชียงใหม่บ้านเดี่ยว and many are returning because of the opening of additional direct flights from Beijing to Chiang Mai.