Top Sites When Booking Flight Deals

Airline tickets are costly all year round but prices rockets to sky high during the holidays. This is not surprising as many people are flying home while some are flying out for a holiday vacation. CheapAir revealed that the average increase in airline tickets during the holiday is said to be around $100. As the holiday is almost upon us, now is the time to catch some last minute flight deals in order to save but the challenge is where to look for them.

Websites that offer flight comparison have been such a hit for the past few years and many more are joining the market every day. The common thing about all of them is they offer the best deals there is but with hundreds of websites to choose from, what are the top sites to get the best deals? Here are some suggestions:

  • Travelocity. For a travel site, this one is quite popular all over the globe because of the many deals it offers. This is best for people who are looking to book not just airline tickets but packages which include hotel accommodation, car rental and many more. If you are planning a holiday and will not be using any reward points with an airline then it is recommended that you book together with a hotel or car rental service as it will save you a lot of cash. The good news is that they have a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.
  • Travelzoo. Booking can be done either through the company website or by downloading their app. It offers customers a saving of around 65 per cent and has more than 2,000 partners which communicate the best deals to the website for the customers to see. It does not exclusively service those who are flying within United States destination but other places as well including China, Japan, Europe and many others.
  • Google Flights. If you are looking not just for the cheapest flight but the best deals in the market then this is the place for you as it shows search results with various considerations.

If you are flying from or to Israel then make sure to drop by from to cheap flights in order to get the best deals.