Tips On How To Keep Mosquitoes From Invading Your Home

You know it is that time of the year when your body is full of mosquito bites and you have to break out a new pack of mosquito repellent patch to save yourself before all your blood gets sucked by the annoying insects. There is nothing much you can do when you are outside unless you hire Brisbane pest control to eliminate mosquito population and protect yourself and the whole family. The same cannot be said when you are inside your house because there are many things you can do to make sure mosquitoes stay out of your territory.

If you have screens, make sure it does not have any damage or holes which can be used by the mosquitoes to enter the house. Repair anything that needs to be fixed before the mosquito season sets in. If you don’t have screens for your doors and windows, it might be time to think about investing. You do not have to cover all your windows with screens but choose only the ones that are open most of the time. It will not only keep mosquitoes away but other insects and pests as well.

You can purchase an ultrasonic bug repellent in your local hardware. There are compact ones that are much affordable. According to the fine print on the packaging, the device emits radio frequency which is undesirable for pests such as mosquitoes which drives them away from the house. The frequency is safe for both humans and pets. You can also purchase natural alternatives like camphor oil, tulsi, garlic, peppermint, dry ice, mosquito traps, tea tree oil, plants that repel mosquitoes and coffee grounds.

There are also synthetic but safe alternatives such as mosquito repellent patch or band and repellent lotion. All of these options above have been proven to keep mosquitoes at bay. Find the one that is most suitable for you and your household to protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases. These are but temporary options, contact Brisbane pest control for a long-term solution to your mosquito problem.