Tips And Tricks For Keeping A Wedding On Track

During the time that Hallie Broadribb planned her wedding six years back, she considered the weather in her plans.

They held out their hopes up to the wedding way. However, the rain did not stop, according to Broadribb.

Her plan changed, but it did not matter too much, since her plan was to always go with the weather, so it went seamlessly.

The crucial planning process of weddings

And, planning is crucial for a wedding to take place without any problems, as indicated by a Calgary wedding planner.

Lynn Fletcher talked to The Homestretch and said that many brides intend to do the planning themselves.

For her, this is very admirable, but they have to gather together a superb team of professionals, including family and friends. Delegation is essential, according to Fletcher.

She mentioned that underestimation of the work needed to be done is the most serious mistake that she usually sees.

She explained the need to do research or to talk about many options when shopping for a florist, decorator or wedding planner. It is important to do industry research to be well informed and to make great decisions.

The planner mentioned that the lack of planning results to ugly meltdowns.

Bridezilla is avoidable

Fletcher mentioned that the Bridezilla is a stressed out bride. She is very overwhelmed, and one that needs help. She added that they get those during initial meetings or consultations, but once they are confident of the help and trust the professionals, they usually settle down easily.

She mentioned that an average wedding needs $28,000, but it is possible for less, or so much more.

It can be low at $5,000 to $10,000, but it can also go all the way to six figures, according to her.

She added that leaving the things very late is another usual mistake. According to her, the good places usually go out 15 months prior, so when a bride is very late, it is best to appoint a planner that is able to fast track things.


There are many reasons why a Wedding Planner in Sydney, or depending on location, is invaluable for couples. However, one thing is for sure: this planner is definitely going to free up the headache and stress from wedding planning.