Tipping Etiquette In Hair Salons

Many years ago, women do not have the resources we have now when it comes to beauty and hair regimen. We can easily search for tips and tricks. We can find out the local hairdressers like Bondi Hair Salon and we can read about beauty secrets shared by beauty bloggers and ordinary netizens.

You may be a regular in a hair salon and have always went to a single place to have a haircut and hair colour but there might be one thing that still eludes you – tipping. How much do you tip? This is not the same setting as a restaurant where the dollar amounts are even indicated in the receipt. With a salon, you are not sure where the tip really goes and how much the actual hairdresser who handled your hair has gotten out of the tip you have generously given.

In some salons, there are different assistants who are tasked to shampoo the clients’ hair, blow dry their hair and even give a quick back massage afterwards. There are many things to consider that it is quite hard to come to a conclusion when it comes to tipping inside a hair salon.

According to a salon employee, they only get between 40 and 60 per cent of the actual price paid by the customer. The rest covers the overhead as well as the amenities used inside the salon. There are also things to consider such as the products used by the stylist on the client’s hair. Stylists get extra commission on the side if the customer bought a hair or treatment product from the salon as per their recommendation.

The bottom line is that the tip should be standard which is between 15 and 20 per cent of the service charged to the customer. According to the hairdressers at Bondi Hair Salon, tipping creates a better relationship between the stylist and the customer and it stylists are also more likely to offer perks to generous tippers. This means that the appreciation of the clients is also paid in return by the stylists in their own way.