Things To Consider When Planning A Liveaboard Trip

One dream vacation that many divers hope to experience is liveaboard diving in Thailand, Indonesia, Bahamas, and other popular diving destinations. It allows divers to fully enjoy diving without the hassle of planning and worrying about the tiny details of the trip, and share the experience with like-minded divers as well. However, choosing a liveaboard programme that’s right for you requires taking some factors into consideration.


The trip that you will select needs to be based on your level of experience. Some areas may be more challenging for beginners, while more experienced divers may want to try more complicated sites to challenge their skills. For example, some liveaboards in the Galapagos Islands require divers to be certified as advanced divers with fifty logged dives or more. There is available liveaboard diving in Thailand that may be more beginner-friendly.

Assess your skills honestly and see which locations are available for your level. Choosing the appropriate level would let you enjoy your trip because the dive would not be too difficult for you, and it would also assure you of your safety because you would not be going anywhere beyond your currently skill level.


It is also important to consider your expectations for the trip and the vessel as well. Do you want a cabin with a huge space, or would you prefer a cosy area to rest? What on-board requirements do you think you need? Setting some level of expectation would help you enjoy your trip, as you would know what you are looking for, and avoid things that might make your vacation less appealing.


Of course, no trip is planned without considering the budget. Liveaboards generally depend on the location and the luxury of the vessel. Most liveaboards in the Red Sea cost round $100 to $180 per day, while those in Thailand and the Bahamas are usually available for less than $200 a day. The Galapagos Islands is a little more luxurious at $500 to $750 a day. Fortunately, most liveaboard expenses are paid upfront, including fees for your food and diving.

However, take into consideration that all other things including airfare and other travel expenses to and from the liveaboard must also be within your budget.