The Trending Fitted Sheets Worth More Than $90

If you could have one bed sheet it would be one that zips on and off in a matter of seconds without having to make up the bed every night. This is the trending bed sheet that is currently taking the country by storm. The wrinkle-free bed sheet is called Stretto and it is manufactured by Textrade Inc.

One would be surprised with the price tag though. Stretto launched a crowdfunding but after only 34 days it was able to surpass its goal. It has gathered over $27,000 with 251 donors. The reason for this is that people can have the innovative bed sheet for over $90 each.

Textrade is also selling pillowcases in packs of two and four with price tags of $25 and $45 respectively. One would think that the bed sheet will only cost between $60 and $70.

If you look at a fitted sheet in IKEA, a queen size will cost you a minimum of $10. For those who are not fond of spending too much, paying $110 for a Stretto bundle might be too much while a queen bed set is priced at $125. The big question now is if convenience is really worth a hundred bucks?

According to the project page on Kickstarter, their bed sheets are not only perfect in size but it is wrinkle free as well. This is unlike any sheets you have come across wherein wrinkling happens after sleeping on it.

The sheet is said to be made of 60 per cent cotton and 30 per cent modal which is a material from beech wood pulp. The company states that their sheets are not only comfortable and breathable but it has the capacity to regulate moisture. Replacing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as the user will only have to zip it to put it on and off the bed.

Aside from those features, the bed sheet also comes with a bedside pocket where you can keep the remote control, a book, phone and other items to be handy. There are various colours available such as white, blue, silver and grey.