The Top Trends Of Bathroom Tiles For 2018

A bathroom re-modelling project nowadays is not considered a simple job. You need to choose bathroom tiles that come in a variety of colours, textures, shapes or designs. Many years ago, these tiles were laid down to suit benefits like low maintenance, resistance to water and durability. But today, they create an impact just like their function. For this reason, manufacturers have widened their selections for homeowners to choose their unique styles. From an expert’s advice, the top 2018 bathroom tile trends is something to watch out for. They are focused on patterns, shapes, finishes and colours.

  • Opting for Matte Finishes

Matte finish bathroom tiles will certainly be popular in 2018. They enhance the bathroom with immense beauty and comfort without being too overwhelmed. The benefit of matte tiles is having no watermarks or smudges unlike glossy tiles. This makes an ideal bathroom style especially when more people use it. The sheen makes it also easier to clean and maintain. So, if you use matte finish tiles, ensure that the lighting is adequate for use.

  • Preferring Nude Neutrals

Many homeowners prefer neutral colours for their contemporary designs. Opting for bright colours like red, yellow or blue will certainly have no place in bathrooms. Colours like grey, cream and beige will make the bathroom look at its best. You can have these colours inspire you for the project. Make the bathroom have a relaxing atmosphere. You can choose the neutral colours to style your floors, walls and ceiling. And there are plenty of shades to choose from.

  • Attractive Subway Tiles

Some people perceive subway tiles as boring. They can be typical in some areas of the house like the bathroom. For 2018, this type of bathroom tiles will seem more interesting as they can depart the traditional pattern and size. The rectangles can come in various colours, bigger sizes and atypical design patterns. You can also pair it with contrasting grout colours and combine various patterned tiles, so you have a marvellous wall mosaic on your bathroom. The options are endless as you mix and match subway tiles with other types of attractive variations.

The right bathroom tiles may not be easy to choose; however, they come in so many varieties. You can look around for that material that fits the bathroom design trends of 2018. You can either attach them on your bathroom floors or walls.