The Merging Of Logistics And Robotic Process Automation

Technology is known to disrupt many industries and this is the reason why logistics professionals are already preparing themselves in case this happens in their turf. The truth though is that the logistics industry has a lot more benefits to get in case of technology invasion compared to a few disadvantages. For instance, technology made it possible to offer managed asset recovery services to companies through logistics operation.

There are many new technologies to watch out for and the emerging once is already starting to gain popularity. Some of the examples include IoT or Internet of Things, AI or artificial intelligence and the latest is the 5G network. These are technologies that are expected to alter the various tasks that are undertaken within the logistics industry. With the help of these innovations, these processes are set to be optimized for the better.

There are those that are worried because of process automation which could steal the jobs of many executives especially those who are assigned in warehouses and factories. Another threat is the development of autonomous vehicles because it could replace drivers of lorry and trucks in the logistics setting.

Despite this, there are many possibilities that will open up with the invasion of technology. Instead of worrying about losing their jobs, the introduction of technology could actually make their processes simpler therefore reducing their workload. This does not mean that these people have to be displaced but rather their job description might be altered in some ways. Looking at it from an economical perspective, these logistics company cannot afford to lose precious manpower.

McKinsey’s latest report indicated that even if a logistics firm decides to buy the best automation equipment available, there will be problems at some point. The ideal setting is for a logistics company to purchase the latest technologies and use it alongside robotic process automation but it should be augmented with human skills by retaining existing employees. At the end of the day, logistics firm will be able to deliver managed asset recovery services with technology at the forefront but without losing manpower in the process.