The Expanding Funeral Industry

The National Funeral Directors Association of the United States said that the cremation sector is rapidly growing that it is now ahead of the burial rate nationally. The funeral industry has improved a lot that it is no longer limited to cremation urns for ashes and burials using traditional caskets. It has been human practice since the beginning of time to arrange the funeral of the deceased. The process might be painful and expensive, yet it is part of our culture and it reflects our personal values.

One of the options for family of the deceased is flameless cremation also known as alkaline hydrolysis. This process dissolves the body with the help of water rather than fire. The resulting result resembles ashes from fire cremation. According to a funeral home in Illinois, this is a more popular option compared to regular cremation because it is eco-friendly. The difference in energy need between flameless and traditional cremation is 85 per cent. The only downside is that the process is not legally allowed in New York.

If you want something that is more traditional that goes back to the age of the early Vikings, open air cremation is also offered by several funeral homes in the country but only one is available in all of Colorado. The service is done outside and the body is burned in a funeral pyre.

For an eco-friendly option, green burial is available. This is done by using caskets that are made of biodegradable materials. The garments used by the deceased and the embalming process followed can also be eco-friendly. Do not be surprised to know that the glue used on the casket can also be eco-friendly if desired.

The EPA in the United States have given permission for ocean burial as long as the human remains is burned three nautical miles away from the ocean’s shore. The EPA also requires that the material used should not negatively affect the marine environment.

If going for cremation, it is possible to use cremation urns for ashes that are made of recycled materials. This is then used to grow a plant in order for the deceased to be one with nature. This is one of the most popular eco-friendly options based on the data from the National Funeral Directors Association.