The Dumping Problem In Downtown Los Angeles

Illegal garbage dumping in Downtown Los Angeles has been an increasing concern in public and private properties. Despite the existence of the Business Improvement District (BID), a private organization that charges property owners a fee to maintain cleanliness in their areas, garbage dumping in the very same areas are on the rise.

The BIDs attribute the rising problem to various factors. BID representatives report that the problem may be some businesses and home owners themselves. They say that some of them do not consider proper disposal that comply with regulations. This could be had if they hire professionals such as junk hauling Orange County companies. Another problem is that some junk travel from other areas and dumped Downtown.

Another factor the BIDs point to is the launch of the 2017 RecycLA. The city government changed the way in which garbage was collected in the LA area. The city was divided into 11 zones and the projects were awarded by the city itself to various trash hauling companies. Building owners who were previously able to arrange with junk haulers of their choice were angered by this city-wide decision, especially when costs began to rise even when service was substandard. BID leaders say that they see a direct correlation between the increase of illegal dumping in the area and the launch of RecycLA.

The area sees any number and type of dumping from small packages and food items to large furniture and construction materials left in alleys and sidewalks. Although the composition and type of junk reportedly vary from district to district, all leaders agree that there has been a dramatic spike from the time RecycLA was launched.

There has been some help coming from the Bureau of Sanitation, which responds to calls from the districts to dispose of much larger items, but the Bureau has not noted much rise in the amount of junk. The BIDs counter that this is largely due to the fact that the BIDs themselves take care of most of the problem and the Bureau mostly takes care of the same amount of junk. The BIDs are unable to wait for a response from the Bureau and take care of the matter themselves, thus skewing the data.

The Bureau of Sanitation and the BIDs encourage people to report illegal dumping activities and sites via their 311 line at (800) 773-2489.

With no contracted service from junk hauling Orange County professionals and removal companies from other areas, dissatisfaction with RecycLA and the Bureua of Sanitation, Downtown LA will continue to see a rise in illegal dumping in the area.