The Critical Role Of Managers In Motivating And De-Motivating Employees

According to Travis Bradberry, many organizations understand the importance of motivated employees but it very rare for these companies to hold their managers accountable for ensuring that motivation really happens. When employees lack motivation, their work performance is severely affected and they quit their job at first opportunity.

Results from Gallup research show 70% of employees considering themselves to be disengaged from work. A University of California research revealed that employees who are highly motivated are 31% more productive and 3 times more creative than employees who lack motivation. 87% of motivated employees are least likely to quit their jobs.

However, employee motivation is affected by the managers as revealed from the responses to a Gallup survey. At least 70% of employees leave their jobs because of their managers. Before managers can create motivated and engaged employees, they have to understand that a simple pat on the back can motivate an employee to work hard. When individual accomplishments are rewarded, employees know that their manager is paying attention.

Communication is very important between the manager and his team to find out what makes them feel good and how to reward them when a job is done right. Managers must ensure they hire the right people. Hiring unworthy professionals is one of the greatest de-motivators in the workplace. Promoting the wrong people is even worse because it is an insult to employees who are working hard and who will be working alongside them.

Treating everyone equally does not work effectively in the workplace because top performers must be appreciated differently from those who do nothing more than punch their timecards. When a manager makes a promise, he must push through with the commitment so that employees will believe their superior is worthy of their trust. If a boss does not honour his commitments, employees tend to follow his example.

Creating good relationships in the workplace is very important. When the company holds events like outdoor team building activities, it satisfies the employee’s adventurous cravings. There are outdoor experiences that can be created amidst jaw-dropping locations in Australia. A team of professionals is willing to prepare and execute the outdoor events to address the goals of the organization.