The Components Of Camara Elearning Package

Camara is a social enterprise that works on a not for profit basis and aims to uplift the standards of education in the backward regions of Kenya and other backward countries, using high-end technology.  The organization offers eLearning modules to enable the children of backward communities with the latest 21st century skills.

Camara is a highly successful social enterprise model in Kenya whose work is acknowledged by Denis O’Brien, the patron of Digicel foundation. Schools sign a contract with Camara which provides them with complete package of eLearning modules.

Camara supplies refurbished computers to all the schools under the contract. The vetting team of Camara inspects the schools to check the safety and security of the computers and other systems. Camara vetting team looks for the electrical safety, furniture and fittings and ventilation of the eLearning rooms in the schools.The Camara package acknowledged by Denis O’Brien foundation has six important factors

  1. Equipment

Equipment is an important aspect of the eLearning package. The computers are sold to the school at highly subsidized rates. The branded computers supplied to the schools are equipped with a Pentium 4 processor. The school will receive a server PC with high specification, which contains a hard drive of 100 GB and a minimum RAM or 1 GB.

  1. Content

Content is an important aspect of the package. All the computers supplied by Camara contain a customized version of Ubuntu, which contains educational content along with games. The Camarabuntu contains an offline version of Wikipedia along with educational tools of English, Science, maths and geography.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance is an important aspect of the package. All the computers come with a replacement warranty of six months. The Camara volunteers trained by the organization provide all the required support and maintenance for the schools.

  1. Training

The organization provides teacher training for all the partner schools under its network. Teacher training is a mandatory requirement for all the schools, who intend to purchase computers from Camara.

  1. Regular monitoring

Camara team provides regular monitoring of the educational institutions and gathers all the required feedback to improve the quality of services provided by the organization.

  1. Recycling and replacement

The not for profit organization tracks all the computers under its network using MIS. The organization collects all the computers reaching their end and replaces them. It later recycles the old computers according to the e-recycling regulations.

Impressed by the work of Camara, Denis O’Brien foundation has contributed to the organization and extended the services to Haiti and Jamaica.