The Best Time To Be In Bangkok And Be Booked In Sukhumvit Hotels

If you want to be in the best Sukhumvit hotels in Bangkok with your family, ensure you’re booked one or two months in advance, so you really have a great accommodation to this city. If you’re coming on December to January, it’s highly recommended to be booked three months in advance.

While Bangkok is busy and hot all year round; however, you need to ensure you’re coming on the right season to enjoy the crowd and its great weather. The best months to enjoy Bangkok is between November to March, where most travellers escape wintertime in Western countries to enjoy a cooler and drier weather. Here you can explore the city and have a marvellous time. It’s also at this time when prices are high, and accommodations are easily filled up. So, you really need to book in Sukhumvit hotels in advance, so you won’t ruin your vacation.

If you want to come to Bangkok during not so busy months, you should be here between April to June or September and October. April to June are Bangkok’s hottest months, which will need good air-conditioning in your accommodation and transport. However, in September and October is slightly cooler and wetter. All these months have Bangkok less crowded with travellers. It’s also the best time where you can save airfare and room rates in Sukhumvit hotels for your accommodations.

Bangkok may not be appealing during monsoon season, which is between July and August. A traveller can experience small bouts of intense rain, which may not be comfortable for touring the city’s attractions. However, this is the best time when Sukhumvit hotels offer cheaper deals. If you’re coming here during this season, you’ll just have to enjoy indoor activities like visiting entertainment complexes and shopping.

So, if you’re out for a shopping spree in Bangkok, come here middle of June through August as you’ll experience the “Amazing Grand Sale”. You’ll be getting discounts from 10% to an incredible 80% on items like clothes, gadgets, jewellery and more. If you want to go to markets, try visiting early part of the morning or in the evening where it’scooler and less frantic. So, at the end of the day, you’ll want to return to one of the Sukhumvit hotels for relaxation and sleep.