Tech Giants Cementing Their Role In The Healthcare Industry

The IT department of the health sector which covers cloud technology healthcare might soon have a permanent link with tech companies. This realization came after the announcement made by various tech giants including Oracles, Amazon, Sales force, Google, IBM and Microsoft. This is only the beginning as it is expected that these big names will become a fixed partner in the IT of healthcare.

Information Technology Industry Council published a letter alongside with signatures from the six tech giants listed above. The letter said that these companies are willing to work together in order to eliminate the current barriers that exist which makes it impossible for technology to penetrate the entire healthcare industry. There is a stronger emphasis on the technologies that make use of AI and cloud.

According to a joint statement from the companies, they are willing to work together into achieving a common goal which is to discover the hidden potential of technology and its role in healthcare to improve the current services. The initiative is a result of a long battle between the healthcare industry and the data exchange barriers.

Starting last year, there has been a lot of indications that tech giants are starting to shift their focus to the healthcare scenario. Digitization has come to the health sector but it requires better tool in order to provide the best patient care and to improve the workflow in medical staff and clinicians.

According to the report of the New York Times, last year there were equity deals amounting to $2.7 billion between tech giants in the US and the healthcare industry. The figure is considerably higher compared to the 2012 record which shows only $277 million. These leading tech companies are putting their money as investments n startup companies in the healthcare industry that focuses on creating new tools to be used by insurers, clinicians, researchers and patients.

There might be differences on the focus but the bottom line is that it is an opportunity for them. With the rising demand for cloud technology healthcare, it is only expected that more innovations are going to be introduced in the health sector.