Tax Money Running Out Of Small Towns In Colorado

While there are many businesses and entities seeking on how to get a tax ID in Colorado, the number is only high in big cities. This is the issue currently faced by small towns where opportunities to earn taxes are small and scarce. One example is a resort town located on the southern part of Rocky Mountain National Park wherein a consistent number of tourists as well as residents are coming and going. This also means that the fire department has a lot of fires to tend to. According to Todd Holzworth, the chief of fire department, the number of emergencies is twice now compared to that in 2010 but the budget of the department is reduced by one-fourth.

The economy of Colorado is better than before since it has surpassed the Great Recession that it is even considered as one of the best in the country. The problem though is that small fire districts such as the one in East Grand are still responding to fire emergencies but they are now handed a smaller budget from the money of the taxpayers. This is not the end as experts expect things to become worse as years go by.

The main reason why this is happening is because of the tax limiting provision imposed on properties under the Constitution of the state which is also called the Gallagher Amendment. This amendment is bad news for the public services that are located within small towns in the state while widening the gap between the economies of the urban and rural areas within Colorado.

State lawmakers are aware that the rural communities are at risk because of the Gallagher amendment but no solution is in sight as the second session is already coming to an end. The worries are now left to the fire chiefs as the state is about to enter the season where it is most prone to drought and eventually wildfires.

Holzworth said that the recession left them with shortage in funding while businesses in big cities are searching how to get a tax ID in Colorado which contributes to the economy of these cities.