Tado Launches New Line Of Smart Home Devices For Better Energy Efficiency And Home Climate

Tado’s new app allows users to contact professionals for boiler repairs, replacements, and annual maintenance.


Automation in Homes

At the IFA at Berlin this year, the company Tado recently unveiled its new lineup of smart thermostat that helps make homes more comfortable and gives homeowners advice on how to make their home climate better.


The lineup includes Tado Smart AC Control, Smart Radiator Thermostat, and Smart Thermostat, which all sync and work well with smart home managers like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon’s Alexa.


For the new lineup, the company highlights Air Comfort Skill, which considers the number of people in the room, the temperature, the freshness of air, and the weather outside in order to provide suggestions on how to make the room more comfortable. These suggestions could be simple tasks like adjusting the thermostat settings or opening the windows. For instance, when the air is polluted or pollens are in the air again, the thermostat could tell the homeowners to open the windows and for how long, to let the fresh air in while minimizing the amount of dirt and allergens coming in. The company explains that the system was not only built for the homeowner’s comfort, but also to protect their health, and improve productivity. The app is customizable in such a way that users can set which features they want to use and are applicable in their homes.


Apart from this, users can also use their app for boiler repairs, quotation for boiler replacements, annual maintenance, or subscribe to services for automation features. Not only does the app provide users with the easer of controlling the temperature and air quality in their homes, it also allows users to easily contact service providers for maintenance work on their units.


V3 Smart Thermostat as well as Smart Radiator Thermostats is now also available in Europe through Amazon. The company is confident that their products and apps could help reduce the heating bills of homeowners by providing solutions to temperature control and making sure that units are regularly maintained for more energy efficient performance. They have projects the savings to be up to 31%, and even offers money-back guarantee if the units and apps pay for themselves within the year of using it.