Sydney Sisters To Train Wedding Catering In Sydney

It’s a challenging experience to find workin Australia especially if you’re a newly arrived refugee. Thanks to two helping sisters, Sharon and Carol Salloum, the competitive job opportunity in Sydney are now broken down to fit the hospitality industry. The sisters currently own a popular Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney, following the footsteps of their parents who moved to Australia some forty years ago. They also offer wedding catering in Sydney for those wanting catering services.

TheSalloum sisters hold prominent connections in the hospitality industry, with both working closely with SSI to determine strategies that connect refugees to trainings and jobs in Australia. They can also engage themselves to wedding catering in Sydney to improve their lives.

Sharon Salloum said, “We are determined to closely work with our friends at SSI to provide training and employment for refugees who are eager to work in the hospitality industry.” Both sisters are optimistic that other donors will share their passion to help those in need. There is now an ongoing discussion between SSI, the Salloumsisters, and newly arrived refugees living inside the community.

A plan to conduct a hospitality course such as wedding catering in Sydney for newly arrived refugees on a biweekly Community Kitchen event are also underway. This is in cooperation with food writers John Newton, Melissa Leong and renowned chef Hugh Foster.

SSI CEO Violet Roumeliotisacclaimed the sister’s enthusiasm to help, and said it initiated a strong message for support from a wider community. “One important thing to help refugees is by providing them with employment to lead them to financial independence, boost confidence, and provide social connections that build a feeling of belongingness,” Ms. Roumeliotis said.

“We are grateful to the Salloum sisters’ passion and enthusiasm to help people. We are happy to work with them to innovate solutions that make a real difference to the lives of refugees in Sydney.”

The initiative of both sisters has greatly helped SSI handle the many asylum seekers and refugees of the community. Both sisters have also helped in the preparation of food while donating catering services to support young refugee children during the SSI party last December.The women and childrencan train for wedding catering in Sydney, which is a dominant business in the city.