Swampscott Faced With Boiler Issues

In Hadley Elementary School located in Swampscott, the school officials are currently devising a plan to replace the current boiler system which is 27 years old already.

According to the school business administrator, Evan Katz, the architect that inspected the system is amazed because of the fact that their current heating system is yet to fail. They are now in need of a replacement as soon as possible in order to prevent any unexpected problems.

Katz said that the current boiler installed is a residential type and it was put in place back in 1990. The school building is now 106 years old and of the 14 boilers installed, only three are left in good operating condition. He admitted that the 11 units are already beyond repair.

The school held a bidding December 12 of last year and they were able to get seven bids in total. The lowest bidder was awarded to Performance Plumbing & Heating located in Medway.

Katz shared that the awarding of the bids for the boiler replacement project was held last month during the meeting of the school committee. The bid that was placed by Performance Plumbing & Heating has a total amount of $410,999.

Work is now on going since it started in the 23rd of January. This starting date was discussed carefully by the school officials in a meeting with the Hadley School community to give assurance to the parents that there will be minimal disruptions during the installation. They also assured parents that educational activity will not be meddled by the project work. The completion of the project is estimated to be on the 7th of April. The work requires the company to install three steam boilers in the school building. Katz said that aside from the boilers, related equipment to the system located in the basement will also have a replacement.

Katz explained that the contractors are not interacting with the students and staff of the school while they are working. They start working at 5 in the morning and make sure to finish all noisy tasks before the students are in school by 8 AM. To avoid boiler failures in your residential property, make sure to hire a professional to check the boilers and perform boiler repairs in Doncaster.