Super City Proposed Once Cheltenham And Gloucester Are Linked

This article tackles the result of the Big Conversation which is an exercise that consulted and engaged the public in order to know their views for the future of Gloucestershire when 2050 comes. The study started on the first of February until 31st of July this 2018. University of Gloucestershire is the organizing body. While it focuses on Gloucestershire, there is a lot of impact on its neighbor including hotel in Cheltenham City Centre because of the plan to link the two.

The main goal of the study is to see how Gloucestershire will be 32 years from now and the things they have to improve in order to make the lives of the residents better. The study came after statistics revealed that annually around 400 youngsters are leaving the county in order to grab work opportunities or to study. This is the reason why companies have a hard time filling job vacancies because skills gap are starting to widen. There are many other issues in the county that need to be solved such as health issues, lack of housing and deprived areas.

Six of the major projects include linking Cheltenham and Gloucester in order to create a super city, developing a national park for cyber security, appointing regional parks, construction a bridge above River Severn to link Sharpness and Lydney, building a Cotswold Airport and creating an expansion for the Cotswold Water Park.

Majority of residents agree with three of the projects while they are do not like one of the projects. The remaining two they are not sue yet.

As for the super city to be constructed between Gloucester and Cheltenham, survey shows that 45 per cent are not in favor while 33 per cent are in favor. Majority of those in favor are from the younger age group between 16 and 25 years old while majority of those who disagree are more than 41 years old. Many of them voiced that construction of hotel in Cheltenham City Centre and Gloucester have already urbanized the counties and adding a super city in between will result to the elimination of the countryside which gives the counties distinct characters.