Subway In New York Gets New Map

If you are not a New York and the city comes into mind, you will think that there is always available transit no matter what. This is not the case though as there are places within the city that a person has to spend more than 10 minutes walking just to reach the nearest subway stop. As busy as life is in New York, every minute counts and 10 minutes is converted to almost a week of wasted time.

Chris Whong is an urbanist as well as a data wizard and he recently decided to create a new map of the transit system that is in use in New York. This new map is far different from other maps developed because it has tapped other issues not given enough attention before. Whong has already published a previous map of the city in which he called the subway deserts. This new map is just an updated version of his subway deserts creation.

Whong was not prepared that his map will get as much attention it had after publishing it. In a blog he had posted, he talked about the aesthetic of the map as well as its functional flaws after the map became viral online.

He corrected those flaws with the publication of his new map. The upgraded version now contains all the areas that are not included in the 10 minute walking distance. The distance can be found at one of the 470 total subway stops within the city. This is in opposition to his previous map which concluded only six minutes of time spent on walking. The areas that are accessible to the transit system are represented as water bodies and it blends with the real bodies of the water that are located in the area. Areas that are transit-light can now be viewed as an actual island. Both of the New York City Illustrated maps show off the fact that outer boroughs contains many neighborhoods that are quite far from the subway stops such as Red Hook and Brooklyn Navy Yard both located in Brooklyn and Belmont located in Bronx.