Steps In The Process Of Plastic Recycling

Plastic is undoubtedly one of the most used materials today. Most of the items we use in our daily lives are made from plastic. However, it is also one of the most problematic materials of our times. We all know that our oceans are contaminated with plastic waste. Plastic is a non-biodegradable materials and it ends up contaminating our land and water bodies. Hence it becomes essential to recycle plastic waste as far as possible to reduce the problem.

Process of Recycling Plastics

  • Collection

The first step in recycling process is plastic collection. Governments have opened plastic collection centres in cities and towns. Private junk hauling Orange County companies also collect plastic wastes from their customers. Tons of plastic wastes are collected and sent to plastic recycling or reprocessing plants every day.

  • Sorting

At the recycling plant, the waste is first sorted and segregated. The plastics are sorted depending on their color and resin content. Recycling companies use specialized machines to sort the tons of plastic waste.

  • Shredding

The next process is shredding the plastics into tiny pieces. The pieces are shredded depending on their weight. Heavy flakes are separated from the lighter ones using specialized machines.

  • Cleaning

After the separation process, the plastic chunks are washed with detergents. This process removes all the remaining contaminants on the plastic chunks. Another separation takes place where inferior quality chunks are removed. The remaining chunks are exposed to moderate heat and left to dry.

  • Melting

After the plastic chunks are dry enough, they are melted using specialized machines. These machines help to melt plastic chunks without destroying the,. Melting of plastic chunks takes place under regulated temperatures.

  • Making Pellets

After the melting process, the plastic is now ready to be recycled. The melted plastic is then used to create different materials or shaped into pellets.  These pellets are then sold to manufacturing companies that design different items from recycled plastic.

Recycling plastics helps us to reduce waste and protects the environment. The lesser plastic we dump into the water bodies, the better it is for the marine life. In order to ensure that the waste plastic materials are recycle, drop them at collection points or hire the services of a junk hauling Orange County company that has clear policies about waste recycling and waste disposal.