Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Gets A New Boiler Plant

A boiler is necessary for every home as much as it is for public facilities such as a hospital. This is why the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center constructed a project worth $3.75 million as replacement for its central boiler plant. The project has now come to a completion and it is operating successfully after 12 months of construction.

The project is part of a planning process of the hospital that takes years to complete. It is meant to be a replacement for the three burners they used to utilize which are already ageing and uses oil for fuel. The new boiler models are energy-efficient and use natural gas for burning and it comes with alternative to use biomass conversion.

Before the upgrade, Green Mountain Care Board or GMCB said the central utility plant of the hospital uses three boilers that are oil-fired. This is the same boilers that provide hot water to the facility as well as steam to provide heat inside the buildings. The same boilers are also employed to sterilize all the medical equipment inside the hospital. The lifespan of the boilers is around 20 years but they are operating for more than 30 years already. Ashley Jowett who is the specialist for marketing and communications said that the oldest model is from 1968.

GMCB members revealed that the type of fuel oil which powers the oil boilers is known to be outdated and not easy to source. At the beginning, they need 450,000 gallons every year of the No. 6 fuel oil but with the new central heating plant they are expecting to save around half million annually.

The director of engineering, William Hall, said that if they can save from the operating costs they will be able to use the money to invest in other things that could improve the patients’ healthcare. The project was a priority for the hospital just like boilers inside residential homes are very important. Homeowners residing in Bristol should check out the website for more information regarding a reliable boiler repair contractor in the area.