Soundproof Your Room For Better Sleep

Talking to city dwellers, they admitted that they are already used to sleeping with the sound of the busy metropolitan outside. While they may have adapted to it, it does not mean that they are satisfied with it. You don’t have to do a major overhaul of your room in order to minimize the noise level. You don’t need the best soundproof windows but rather a few updates are enough to give you a more peaceful sleep.

If you are using the regular type of rug pads, you can exchange it with a soundproof kind. A collection from RugPadUSA features a version comprised of memory foam and felt material. The soundproof rug pads have a thick layer for insulation which helps in lowering the noise level inside the house as well as prevent outside noise from penetrating.

Change your throw pillow into ones made of wool and cotton. In the most recent study conducted by the Science Communication Unit from the University of the West England, Bristol, it was revealed that items made of natural materials are good in absorbing sound which is helpful in reducing noise pollution.

If you have curtains inside the room, make sure to purchase a blackout liner. The material is very thick that it blocks out the light as well as muffle the sound from the street.

If you can’t muffle outside noise, add more noise by purchasing a sound machine or a fan. This is what they refer to as white noise. A manufacturer of sound machine said that sound machines are effective in controlling the noise level in a space. As the white noise is turned on, the rest of the surrounding noise is muffled. With a fan, the steady whirring will muffle the undesirable noise.

There are paint coatings nowadays that are manufactured especially for the goal of absorbing sounds that are in the middle range. Homeowners don’t need to install best soundproof windows because the coating has been tested in the laboratories to prove its claim. The soundproof base coat should be done first as well as the finishing coat then it can be painted over with the chosen paint color.