Solar-Powered Private Island Resort Opens In Maldives

As the world embraces sustainability, environmentally friendly developments are becoming more and more popular.

For those looking for environmentally friendly accommodation options, a new 5 star resort in Maldives recently opened; Kudadoo Maldives Private Island. Owned and operated by the Crown and Champa Resorts, this latest property sits on an administrative division of the Maldives; the Lhayivani Atoll.

The hotel’s design was a cooperative effort, with contribution from New York-based firm, Yuji Yamazaki Architecture (YYA).

The design of the resort harkens to the natural environment around it, with accommodations like those in many a 5 star resort in Maldives, located on the sand lagoon, in order preserve the natural vegetation on the island, like sea lettuce, coconut palm, screwpine and iron wood and beach hibiscus. The property has operable full-height windows in the villas, as well as public spaces to allow for air to naturally flow through the villas.

Even the amount of shade each villa gets was taken into account for the design, with each water villa designed to received at least five hours of shade every day. For those who want to enjoy privacy, there are also ‘egg crate’ privacy screen systems.

According to the architects, the solar roof system can handle a 320-kilowatt-peak capacity, which can handle power for the whole resort. On the financial side, they say that the system will recoup its cost after years of use, helped by the design choices aimed for minimizing power use.

The Maldives, being a low-lying collection of atolls in the middle of the Southern Pacific Asia, are exceptionally sensitive to climate change and any sea-level rising that might cause. According to some studies, islands like it may end up uninhabitable by the middle of the century. For this reason, sustainable power sources, like wind power and solar power, are particularly appealing for the area and the local government.

The solar panels, the most notable feature of the Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, will be the first thing that travelers to the area will see, as the primary means of travel to the resort is by plane. Rooms aren’t cheap, of course, as recent searches have shown that room prices sit at about $2,400, at the very least.