Software Firm Develops Chat AI For HR Management

An Indian software firm in the Southern Indian state of Telangana has recently developed a new piece of HR management software; a chat-based artificial intelligence, one designed to handle the issues that plague the standard large company HR department. The AI, dubbed ‘Coleman’, will be used to improve employee performance in the workspace by assisting users with their problems via a conversational relationship.

Within the typical workplace, it’s unavoidable to have certain issues or change of plans happen, which necessitates getting in touch with the HR department to smooth things over. This ranges from queries on leaves, or schedule alterations or meetings or the like. For smaller firms, companies and organizations, such issues are handled quickly or simply through cubicles, but with the large-scale organizations, the HR department has far more issues and queries to handle, and that is problematic,  for them, the HR management software, and the rest of the staff.

So it is that Infor, a US-based software company with branches all over the world, took interest, and, with their Indian arm, developed a groundbreaking solution designed to address this workplace issue from behind the scenes.

Coleman, is Infor’sArtifical Intelligence-based platform, which utilize advancements such as image recognition and natural language processing in order to properly communicate with employees, and assist them with their issues on workplace technology and improve workplace performance.

According to CEO Charles Philip, the AI functions by establishing a conversation-based relationship with the user, and transforms itself into the user interface, of sorts, which meant that, instead of filling out forms for queries and sending them to the HR department, employees could simply ask the AI via their workstations or their phones and immediately receive an answer.

Philip adds that the system is currently being tested and is in the demonstrative phase, though he states that, even so, it has garnered quite the bit of attention. He says that the system will be ready for marketing and sales, and should roll out to customers across the world sometime in mid-2018.

Infor released the cost of the system’s development in a statement, revealing that Coleman was developed over five years, as part of the company’s US$3B investment in R&D.