Simple Tips To Make Your Car Ready For Winters

Winter months are bad news for car owners. The snow covered roads, ice depositing on the windshield and the dead batteries are a big concern for them. The possibility of breakdown are double during the winter months which makes it a tougher season for car owners. Here are some tips to make your car ready for the winters, without spending much.

Opt for free or discounted service

Most of the cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast, provide discounted or free service camps. Take advantage of these camps and get your car serviced at fraction of the regular price. Servicing the car before winter starts will help you to avoid majority of the winter problems.

Inspect for cracks

Inspect the windows and lights of the car closely. If you observe any minor cracks, get them fixed, before the winter starts. Water tends to accumulated in these cracks during winters and make them worse.

Check and refill the screenwash

Check the windshield wiper reservoir and fill it with a good screenwash. Opt for a good quality screenwash that contains anti-freeze agent.

Top-up the engine coolant

Use the correct ratio of water and anti-freeze in the engine coolant. This helps to avoid the coolant from freezing and engine getting overheated.

Check the engine oils and other fluids

The performance of the engine depends on the level and quality of the oil. Use engine oil with a W viscosity that is suitable for winter use. If the engine oil gets thick during winters, get the oil and oil filters replaced.

Check the tyres

Maintaining the correct tread and pressure of the tyres is essential for safe driving experience during winters. Take the car to a cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast and get the pressure and tread of the tyres checked. You can also use the 20p method to check the tread of the tyres. Get the tyres aligned and balanced before the winter begins.

Get a foil windscreen cover

Safeguard you windscreen from freezing by investing in a foil windscreen cover. This foil cover can be bought online, cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast shop or any mechanic in your neighbourhood. The screen cover protects the windscreen from ice and dirt during winters.